It’s been a great week for writing links, let me tell ya.

Lots of great stuff out there and lots of not that great stuff out there. I try not maneuver around the bad stuff so that you get something worth reading. See, we all don’t have time to mess around. So what spend it reading bad blogs/articles?

So, here’s some of the good stuff.

Basically, this writer on Medium wrote a 101 on how to be a writer. Not sure if I agree but it makes a good read. 

So, if you’re a writer’s friend or acquaintance this much is true, you’ll end up on paper some day. But is that okay?

Wait, so kids aren’t reading James Baldwin anymore? How is THAT right?

How to market your book and strengthen your author platform using Goodreads.

Let’s be real, it’s not easy making a living as a writer. This blogger agrees and has 13 reasons on why its hard work.

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