5 links to start off your writing week right



Hello, June!

I love summer and can’t wait to get to the pool. But before I get there, I’ve got some really great writing links for you guys to take a peek at.

Need more than five links? I usually tweet them out, or share them on Google+. I also like putting them in my Flipboard Magazine. Check those often for more.


Think you’re ready to self-publish your book? Not so fast! Maybe you’re not as ready as you think.

That inner critic may not just be an insecurity, it maybe a habit waiting to be broken.

Need to add books to your summer reading list? The Guardian (my favorite news outlet on the planet) has a list of top 10 African crime novels because why not? Rather have non-fiction? Here you go!

How about a list within a list? Check out this list of self-publishing podcasts. (So glad someone put this in a list for all of us to enjoy!

Like you needed a reason to write short story this month. Wait, you needed a reason? Okay, well…here’s a dozen of them if you need them.

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