Happy Monday!

It’s great to be back at the controls again! In case you’re just join us or it’s your first time here, I took about a month off to move home to Texas.  So, my friends took over for awhile. Today is my first day back on the blog.

Because it’s my first day back, I’ve chosen five fantastic writing links that will get your writing mojo going.

Need more than five links? I usually tweet them out, or share them on Google+. I also like putting them in my Flipboard Magazine. Check those often for more.

Raise your hand if you’re writing a series? (That includes me.) Here’s a checklist of some things to remember to do from your friends at Barnes and Noble. 

As if you needed more people to put on your reading list but here’s more. Someone seems to think these folks are worth the energy. What do you think?

If you’re an indie author, how do you know if you’re successful? Here’s some advice about that. 

Writer burnout is a thing. That’s different than writer’s block. (Seriously, writer’s block doesn’t exist. Don’t make me do another post on it.) If your creative juices aren’t flowing, here’s how to get that loving feeling back.

How many books can you read in one year? Twenty? Thirty? How about 60? Here’s how one person did it. 


And, here’s one (or a couple) to grow on:

I want to publicly thank my guest bloggers who pitched in and did an amazing job filling in. I couldn’t have done it without them and their expertise is amazing! Thank you so much to Kristen, Dina (she did two posts for me), Kathy, Ashley, Maria, Janene, and Kristi for all your help. Come back any time!