Happy belated Monday everyone!

I am hours late with this week’s five links. That’s because I had a fantastic weekend of doing, essentially, nothing. I did nothing and it was excellent. Of course I cooked and cleaned and visited some friends but it was nice to not write and read, just a mini break from all that.  I apologize for not having this list this morning.

So, here it is. Get your writing on, folks. Today’s links will get you there.

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Do you keep a journal? Maybe you should. Here’s an argument for keeping a journal.

Since I’m writing a mystery novella, I’ve been trying to find inspiration for keeping on the path. What better way to stay inspired than with this interview of James Cain.

How many of you are watching the World Cup? Who are you cheering for? Did you know there were similarities between the World Cup and writing? Me neither but this little article set me straight.

Just because I think lists of writing advice are fantastic reads, here are 21 pieces of advice from 21 writers.

I’m not quite sure if I agree with these three cures for common writing woes. Most especially with woe number 1 — writer’s block.  Writer’s block doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t. I promise that it doesn’t.