Woo! After a bit of a respite, I’m back! And what a way to come back!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been moving along to on the latest Jennie Manning version, which has long decided not to become a short story but rather a longer short story and even dangerously close to being a novella.

So, I’ve been looking at links that teach something — a technique or a way to structure — so that I could try them out on my current project. Since summer is a time to try out some new things, I’m excited to see if I can add something to my tool belt. Below, check out these new ways (or new to me ways) of doing some writerly things. Think of these as a list of writing hacks.

Need more than five links? I usually tweet them out, or share them on Google+. I also like putting them in my Flipboard Magazine. Check those often for more.

Write on and have a great week!


ReadingIcess Fernandez Rojas is a writer, blogger, teacher, and journalist. Her commentary has appeared in The Guardian and on Huffington Post Latino Voices. Her fiction has been published in literary journals/anthologies such as Minvera Rising and Soul’s Road. Her first book, the beginning of the Jennie Manning series, will come out next year.  In addition to writing, Icess teaches fiction writing classes. Want more on what it takes to be a writer? Sign up  or contact her and ask a question.