With the fall here, I feel myself gearing back up to my writing habits. The old school habits that are tried and true.

Recently, I wrote about the latest challenges in my writing journey. Today, I wanted to share some interesting links that have proven helpful to me in getting me back on track.

As you can see, there’s a pattern to this week’s top 5 links. Most deal with editing or revising of some sort. Does that mean I’m closer to finishing the first Jennie Manning novella? Yes! I am!

I am starting to see a something in my writing routine, a macro thing that I do. I don’t let anyone see what I’m actually writing until I’m nearly done with the entire thing, when I figure out what I want to say. That’s when I start editing and revising and getting the piece ready for public eyes. After going to the Trinity Writer’s Workshop this past Saturday, I not only felt that pull to write again but also the pull to be critiqued. That means it’s time for people to put in their two cents. That’s an awesome place to be in!

So these links have helped with that.  Enjoy!

Need more than five links? I usually tweet them out, or share them on Google+. I also like putting them in my Flipboard Magazine. Check those often for more.

I hate weak words and this site gave me additional words to put on the eliminate list. You’re welcome.

Let’s be honest here, we all make mistake. I’ve made more than my fair share on the page. I still do it. Someone has been lovely enough to put them in a nice list for us.

Self editing made easy….er.

Totally needed some help with dialogue writing. This link brought up some interesting thoughts. Gotta break the rules to fix ’em.

The daily rituals of writers is different from their routines, right? Either way, when I needed help to how to structure my day, this is what I looked at. Then I remembered I have a full time job and that hour walk in the afternoon wasn’t going to happen.