You know when you apply to something and you hope you get it but you know that the competition is stiff, but if you got it it’d be so amazing.

Well, that just happened to me.

I am this year’s recipient of the Owl of Minerva Award from Minerva Rising Literary Journal!

I am so excited for this opportunity and excited about the art that will be created because of it.

The award pays for four to five Afro Latina writers of different disciplines to write and consider issues around the theme of identity during a weekend writer’s retreat. The weekend will take place on Galveston Island, Texas Oct. 16 -18.

As our gift to the world, the writers will give a worldwide reading of their work (at a later date) through live streaming.

I loved this idea when I thought of it because for AfroLatin@s identity is always something you wrestle with. Not only are you looking for your own identity but to be part of a bigger identity, a tribe that you can belong to wholeheartedly. It’s a constant balancing act.

So, a weekend to explore this theme and creating art around it…yes!

Now comes the hard part, putting this bad boy together.

If you are an AfroLatina writer (playwrite, screewriter, non-fiction writer, poet, fiction writer, etc.) and would like to participate, please message me at the form below with a link to your work or portfolio, your email, and your availability for the retreat weekend. Also write a short note about how this retreat can help you as a writer.