Dear Reader,

Let’s get the year started.

One of my goals for the year was to publish more, send more of my stories to be published by publications.

I have lots of stories and novels I’m working on and for those that are completed or near completion, it’s about time they found a home. Part of the writing life is publication. And what’s weird about it is that I’ve been publishing for most of my adult life in newspapers. However, I find the process of publishing fiction so much different and rewarding in a different way.

So here’s some site (in addition to Duotrope and that have listed some submission opportunities for the next couple of weeks to months of 2016. Click on the headline to go to the link.

46 Literary Magazines to submit to.

What I really like about this list is how it’s organized. It breaks down the list into three sections — literary, sci-fi/horror, and flash fiction.

None of the listings have deadlines, which is perfectly fine since  I want to read them and get a feel for these magazines before submitting.

Writing competitions coming up in 2016

Who doesn’t love a competition? Well, I don’t but that’s not the point. It’s a chance to get work out there and depending on the competition, you may get some feedback.

This particular list international competitons as well.

10 international lit journals looking for English submissions.

Talking about international, a friend of mine posted this link on Facebook and I recently shared it.

The idea of an international lit journal running my work is intriguing. I wasn’t aware that there were journals outside of English speaking countries that were looking for work. I’m definitely looking into these magazines.

On the radar

Every month my friend Glendaliz Camacho puts together writing opportunities that she keeps on her radar. Not only does it include publishing opportunities but also residencies and grant opportunities. Here’s the link. 

Sister Journals to read, support, and submit to in 2016

Here is a list of forty, 4-0, journals to submit to with little intros to each. These are feminist journals (that doesn’t mean they don’t publish men as well, don’t get it twisted).  I just saw this and will be reading through this at my leisure.


Hope this list is helpful to get you going! If there are any other journals, contests, residencies, etc that you see that or want to share, drop them off in the comments.

Happy Writing,