3 words 2018

Dear Reader,

Happy 2018!

I am so excited to share with you guys my three words for 2018!




So just some history, this is something that I started doing in 2017 after talking to a friend. His help helped me realize that I needed some focus in my life. And whoa! what focus did it bring in a year that threw lots of curve balls my way.

For my writing, this didn’t really help. Although what I did produce was of better quality, I did spend way too much time frustrated because I didn’t practice my writing so I’m hoping to find a balance to that this year. More on how I’ll do that in a post very soon.

These words are mostly for my quality of life. Quality of life directly impacts writing. These better your life the better your writing practice, the more you can see truths and see how to best record them in your work. So I focused on that in 2017 and my words helped! 

So let me explain 2018’s words.


When I thought of this word, I was thinking about the people and things that come together to build a life worth living. Community can mean building your greater community — city, town, neighborhood. It can mean activism, it can mean clean up, it can mean being politically active.

For me, I want to concentrate on my immediate community, the community that supports and sustains me — my friends, my writing community, my family, my town.

I’d like to play a more active part in it.


This is a big one! I’d like to have more adventures next year. This is a big word that evokes so many images! Big adventures, travel, jumping out or off things. Yes, that does mean that but it also means

…doing something new!

An adventure can be as small as joining a new club or going someplace new. It can also be something as big as climbing a mountain. Adventure means stretching and growing. It means getting out of my comfort zone. It means learning. It means leaving the house.


Faith is the 2.0 of trust which is what I used last year.  Trust was having trust in me, in the universe, in that things would turn out as they should. Faith is complete surrender. Complete. Surrender. It’s scary. It’s exhilarating.  It’s closing my eyes, stepping off the cliff, and believing I will be caught.

And I will.

I am going to grow in faith.

The year that is 2018

There you go! The words! Those are my words for the 2018 year. These words will guide my year and my choices.

So what words do you chose for the year? What do you want to work more on? Whatever you decide, I wish you the best for the year. Make it a great one, everyone!

Happy New Year!