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Dear Reader,

Lots of work to do already in 2018!

I’m excited to get started but I’m already up against an obstacle. I go back to work next week! Not a lot of time to create but there are enough deadlines in the links below to keep me working beyond the start of the semester.

So as I work on my resolutions, I’m going to be eyeing these contests and things and putting them on my spreadsheet to help keep me organized.

A Guide to Short Story Contests in 2018

Aerogramme Writers’ Studio is such a great site. They routinely have links to contests and calls for submissions. Here is their latest list, a collection of short story contests.

30 writing competitions in 2018

Here’s a list from a blog called Nothingintherulebook. Yes, all one word.

In this listing,  you have a short story, flash or even want to do a writing challenge, these are the listings. There’s some overlap with the Aerogramme site here.

37 calls for submissions – Paying Markets

This listing is all genres and the best part is that these publications pay. This one is pretty sweet and even includes deadlines.

Now that you have a list of publications and deadlines, you’re probably thinking that the next step is to create. Kinda. When I went to a submission party last year, I learned that there are some things you should have on hand to make the process a bit easier.  You’d be surprised at how the smallest things can trip up your submission process so definitely plan ahead.


There you go! This should get you started. I’ll update publications throughout the year as I hear of things.


Good luck and happy submitting!