Dear Reader,

But for the grace of God today I am 40 years-old.

Forty.  I have been on this earth for four decades today.

And DAMN I look and feel good. Ha!

No, it’s not a humble brag, I feel it and know this to be true. When I look in the mirror I like what I see, the person who I have become.

It took awhile to arrive at this realization and I’m damn happy to be here. This is a life well lived and I have so much more life to live as well.

So, let me let you in on a secret. When I was 18, I was sick and needed some medical attention. Lots of tests. Lots of blood. Doctors with the combined I.Q. of 10 million consulted.

They predicted that I’d have cancer by the time I was 40. In fact, I could be dead by then. But I was 18 and didn’t believe a thing they said to me. Because when you’re 18, you’re invincible.

But as I got older and things started to happen (the depression, etc) I thought they were right. Would I not make it to 40?

Yet, here I am. At 40, writing, teaching, being the best daughter and sister I can be. I have a great set of friends around me. I feel that my life is on track.

At 39, I was grateful. At 40, I am ecstatic.

Here’s to 40 more years and to the docs who said I wouldn’t make it this far!

And DAMN my skin looks AMAZING!