So a thing is happening soon…


Dear Reader,

So a thing is happening on March 12.  I’m reading!!!

Yes, some folks thought it would be a good idea to put me in front of an audience and share my work. It’s my friends Jasminne and Lupe Mendez, They thought it was a good idea. You should probably praise them (or blame them) or this event.

I’m psyched. And I’m also worried as I usually am when I’m reading. Will I have enough? Will people get it? What if I suck?

Of course, I have enough and will have new pieces to read as well. Of course, it will not suck. But you know how writers do with their imposter syndrome…

So again, I’m psyched. Working on some new pieces and, yes, my hair will be fro-tastic in some way.

If you’re in Houston, please stop by, hang out, and hear some poetry. Come say hello!


Prepping my reading voice,


3 thoughts on “So a thing is happening soon…

  1. That’s so cool. I have a little bit of writer reverse-schadenfreude, but still congrats! I public speak for a living so I just have to say that as long as you remember to breath and slow your talking down like you’re just speaking to a single person, you’ll be great!


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