Me at the Tintero Reading. Photo by Trevor Boffone

Dear Reader,

I wanted to recap something amazing that happened recently.

I’m really bad at self promotion. Yes, it’s such an ironic statement coming from a blogger and former journalist. I am getting better at it but I am very much a work in progress when it comes to promoting what I’m doing.

So…this happened!

I was the featured reading for the Tintero Readings monthly show.  I read 20 minutes of my stuff.



This is practically nothing but it’s not nothing. A year ago, 20 minutes would feel like an hour. In fact, I wasn’t sure I had the 20 minutes this year but when I started going through my work, I realized something amazing. I had enough stuff to seriously consider doing a chapbook. In fact, I maybe further along in that kind of project then Jennie Manning.

A chunk of the poems I have come from the memoir in progress, Debris. But then there are things that aren’t part of Debris that stands by itself.

It was such a fantastic process dwindling down what poems I would read for the 20 minutes. And I’m seeing a theme develop which is making me think there’s a chapbook here or even a small collection.

Then it was a matter of reading. I didn’t rush through it. Not one bit. And for the first time in a very long time, I felt confident about my work. I felt as if what I had to say was important and needed to float in the air and into people’s ears. It was empowering.

All in all, a good time was had by all (I hope) and I learned to have a bit more confidence in myself as a writer and as a poet. (POET!)

That’s it for now!


Write on,