Dear Reader,

Sorry for the ghosting and the late announcement on something writing related I’m doing!

Yes, life is going an interesting thing. Here’s the quick, instant coffee version

1.) My mom has cancer. So, my hands are kind of full with that.

2.) I started a yoga blog called Dreaming in Asana. It’s new project (since the summer) as I am deepening my yoga practice. You should go check it out!

3.) I’m teaching a BLOGGING CLASS!

Yes, I’m teaching a class for writers who want to know how to create and build a presence through blogging, whether it’s their own blog or a blog they are going to be submitting to.

WritingSpace in Houston is hosting the class so if you want in, get in now! I’m starting it on Sunday (again, sorry for the late notice.) Click here for the link to register.

Sorry for the drive-by post. I am knee deep in grading and, of course, planning for the class. Then there’s this pesky cancer…

You will hear from me soon. I promise. Until then, Dreaming in Asana is here for you!


In the thick of it,