Dear Reader,

Last Saturday, I attended my friend DEEP’s book launch. Instead of just writing about it, I’ll just share my pictures. A great time was had by all and I’m so excited for her .

I can’t wait to get into the book but it’ll take me a while to read it (end of semester, other books already in the que, etc). If you’re ready to get your reading on, order from the publisher here:

Here, some one was reading a proclamation from Shelia Jackson Lee.
My friend Jasminne Mendez, also a poet, was mistress of ceremony for the night.
You can’t tell here but her book is textured. Way to go book designer!
DEEP is actually a spoke word poet. So her reading was more visual. Not pictured: all the dancers she had. Sorry guys I was mesmerized so no dancer pictures.
Then my friend interviewed my friend. It was a meta-ish moment.