Dear Reader,

So podcasting. That’s a thing I’m doing now.

Yes, this is a thing I’m doing now IN ADDITION to everything else.

No worries, Dear Reader, I am still writing on this site. In fact, I am going to predict now that the podcast will being be back to this site because the podcast name is…

Dear Reader: Mental Health and the Writing Life

Yes! The podcast is an extension of this blog and feel like it’s almost a return to me in a way. Man, I miss writing for you guys but, you know, life happens in the way that it happens and priorities are what they are.

I do have to explain, however, that this podcast was months in the “making” and by “making” I mean I was planning it and getting guests lined up before I had to focus on other things. But November, in addition to being National Novel Writing Month, is almost National Podcast Posting Month. I decided to take a plunge just to see what happens. So, we’ll see what happens.

As an aside, the idea of National Podcast Posting Month is to post everything. That’s not going to happen. But I’ll be posting most days as an exercise and to get into the podcasting habit.

So far, the podcast has made it to Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Breaker.

My Podcast’s lead image. It’s okay for now. I’m for sure changing it when I decide what I really. But meantime, how’s this for show?

Check out the first episode below. Yes, I’m on Spotify. I’ve decided not to think about that until Christmas, when I have more time.

So what’s the premise of the show? Every episode we talk about some aspect of mental health and/or some aspect of writing. I’ll of course have special guests on the show from time to time. During this November, the show will hopefully get its voice but once it actually has a full planned season, it will be more structured. In fact, to get an idea of what that kind of show episode can sound like, listen to episode 3 on Tuesday!

As you guys read this on Monday morning, a new episode would have done up! Episode 2 on Spotify or on my hosting site, Anchor, where you can leave me messages if you’d like.

Soon, I’ll add a link to the menu here on the site where you can access all the episodes. Give me a second, however, I’m flexing muscles I haven’t flexed in quite awhile.

That’s all for now, reader.

Happy listening!