Dear Reader,

Today is the first day of 2020. Welcome to the new year and the new decade!

Just like in past years, I work at the end of the previous year to discover what I want to work on for the next year. I use a guiding word for the incoming new year to help me through the next 365 days.

I talked about that process in a recent podcast.

I also wrote about that process in this blog post.

So for this year the word for 2020 is…

YAY! My word for 2020.

So for the year, I decided to concentrate on for aspects of my life, as represented in visual.

I also decided to focus on the definition of building according to Merriam Webster.

to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole 

build (transitive verb)

This definition struck a chord with me. I spend 2019 putting down the foundation of my future life. I learned about different things I wanted to know more about and used that knowledge to put some things in place. Now, I want to take these pieces and begin to put them together. I want to be purposeful with putting these pieces together.

That also means that I will have to build boundaries, something that I’m not great at. The boundaries I will have to put up will need to protect my time, my mental health, and my energy so that I can do the work I need to do and want to do.

I feel like, at this point, I have a lot of pieces floating around creatively. And there are more pieces I’d like to create. Building an infrastructure for them will be helpful and, if all goes well, will create something of which I will be proud.

So what’s your word for 2020?

Wish you love and light all 2020 long,


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