Dear Reader,

I’m excited to teach another noir writing class through WriteSpace this month. The first one was so much fun! I taught the basics of noir writing in an afternoon.

Yes, an afternoon. And that was the issue. I need more than an afternoon to teach noir.

WriteSpace agreed with me which is what they said, hey, do it online.

Be still my little online teaching heart!

Here’s more info about the class!

The femme/homme fatale, the detective, the side kick, the villain. Sprinkle in dark, moody atmosphere, a crime, the snarky voice of a lead character–and you have the ingredients of a stellar noir story. 

Noir is a mystery subgenre that has its own grim and grit. From Raymond Chandler to Jessica Jones, the genre has moved and shifted over time but one thing remains the same, you know noir when you see (or read it!).  In this online course, we’ll discover what makes a noir story tick, how to flesh out the characters, and he best way to tackle place and atmosphere. By the end of our time together we’ll create our own noir stories, as dark and gritty as a dark, windless night. 

I’ve been writing noir for awhile and was honored to be part of the Houston Noir collection.

What I love about this is that this entire class is online! That means that anyone can take it.

To celebrate this class, I will be writing about different aspect of noir storytelling from Jan. 6 – 10.

To sign up for the class, click on the writing class link for WriteSpace. Look for the name of the class: Femme Fatales, Sidekicks, and Gumshoes: Writing a Noir Mystery .

You have until Jan. 14 to sign up for the class and there are scholarships available.

See you next week on the site and in class!


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