Under construction…kinda

Dear Reader,

Hello there!

You’re probably wondering why there haven’t been any blog posts.

But there have been! Let me explain.

I’ll be working on an overhaul of the website this year. I’m redesigning it and doing all the things. But it’s just me doing the work and it’s going to take a while to do it.

Meanwhile, I need to continue writing and giving out info. So I’ve been working on my Medium page. There I write about things have to do with mental health, caring for my mother, and my writing process.

This year, I am becoming an independent creative and creating things to distribute independently.

That includes my new Substack — Dispatch from the Keyframe. This has replaced my newsletter.

So, for now, you’ll want to go to my Medium page to read my work and go to the Subtack. I’ll keep this website up so you’ll be able to do searches on it if you need to.

Besides reading on Medium and signing up for the newsletter, there’s another way you can help! As I move forward to my independent creative life, I’m wondering how best to serve you. I’ve created a readership survey. It’s a quick 7 questions. It would be helpful if you filled it out for me and give me your opinions.

Alright everyone! That’s all for now. I’m looking forward to working on this site and making it a nice home for everyone. I’ll see you over on Medium and/or my new newsletter.

Having fun,


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