Where to find me

Interested in taking a class or hearing my latest work? Here’s the calendar of events.



Place: Lone Star College – Kingwood

Workshop: Writing Through Trauma

Arts District

Place: WriteSpace

Workshop: A Workshop of Unusual Texts

When: March 15, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Have you ever created a story from a phone book? Or used a dictionary to write an essay?  How about a poem from a grocery receipt? Every day, we encounter several kinds of texts that easily lend themselves to creating new and interesting work. Sometimes a piece of paper or a strange book can jump start a new story, poem or essay. But how do you harness that idea into something great?

During this generative workshop we will look at several texts (the stranger the better) to create new work. We’ll also read some examples from other writers who have done the same! Participants will get out of their comfort zone to see where the Muse takes them. By the end, you’ll leave with a fist full of possibilities and a new eye for inspiration search. After all, who says that a menu can’t inspire new writing?

Sign up here: A Workshop of Unusual Events

Place: WriteSpace

Workshop: From Idea to Opus: Getting Your Story on the Page

When:  Saturday, June 27th, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Info: It’s a conundrum that has frustrated writers since humans first put chisel to stone: There’s a story inside of you. You know it. You feel it! You know that it’s good and that it can be amazing. But how do you take what you know is a good story and bring it alive on the page? 

​Using generative prompts, exercises, and examples, we’ll get to the heart of the story you want to tell and then build out from there, focusing on the themes, the important moments, and the why of your story. By the end of the workshop, your story will transform from an idea in your head to a draft on the page.

Sign up here: From Idea to Opus: Getting Your Story On the Page

Readings/ EVENTs

  • AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs

March 7, 3 -4 p.m.

Location: Henry B. González Convention Center, WriteSpace booth

  • AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Offsite Reading

One Poem Festival

March 5, 6- 7:30

The Latino Collection of San Antonio Central Library