Now is the time to get your writing into gear.

Seriously, how long have you been talking about writing that book or that story. How long have you been yearning to get your memories down on paper?

Forever, right? I know. I’ve been there. 

I started out writing for newspapers and always wanted to have that writer’s life. I’ve wanted to write novels since I was in middle school. The toughest part is where and how to start.


Writing Like A Rockstar is everything you need to know to get started. And the community you need to help you get there.

It’s not a writing program. And it’s not like a class you’ve taken before. This is an online class that’s interactive and has a built-in community — other writers who know where you’ve been and are on the similar path.

My past students have gone on to write books and stories of their own and have been published.

“Love Love LOVED tonight’s class!!! Icess Fernandez Rojas, Reina, thank you for taking time from your schedule to help us achieve our dreams…I honor you & your’s DONE!” – Dleesaa Lazcano Aviles

“Icess’ Fiction Writing Class is excellent. I felt very fortunate to have an experienced and published writer heading the informative Google Hangouts Discussions. Icess’s well-structured program combines practical information with inspirational guidance. The discussions are interactive, empowering, and full of valuable information. I am planning on using the knowledge and skills I have gained in her class to improve a manuscript of a YA novel that I wrote a few years ago. I have also enjoyed meeting and networking with other writers with whom to share experiences, tips, and encouragement. I recommend that anyone interested in writing take Icess’ Fiction class.” – Noemi Gamel, author of The Iris of Issoria

The 5-week online course will take you through the basics like characters and their development, how to create a world for your story, writing authentic dialogue, and even how to get your writing published.

Here’s how this online class is different. There is face to face time with me and your fellow writers. Each week we’ll go over the lesson for that week, we’ll try it out with a prompt, and then we’ll have time to critique each other’s work. Yes, an actual workshop!

In addition, you’ll be part of the Rockstar Facebook group with other writers who have taken the class before. There you can share experiences, learn about publishing opportunities, and even participate in prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

Ready to start? 

The cost of the class is usually $150 but because I’ve decided to do this last minute, I’ve reduced the cost. The price for the class is $50 (payable through Pay Pal).

Here’s what you get for the price:
  • Weekly, face-to-face lesson with me (set up through either Skype or Google Hangout) walking you through the basics of storytelling
  • Writing prompts that will generate new story ideas
  • Workshopping your writing for feedback
  • Lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook community of writers with additional resources.

All this is available to you for a flat, one-time cost of $50!

Are you ready to be a rock star writer?  Sign up here.