Resolutions post

Note: This is my 500th post! Wow! 

Happy 2014!

Do me a favor, get rid of your resolutions.

This is the third year of me not promising anything to myself except one thing. I promise myself every year to take the opportunities as they come and learn from them.

Eventually, a theme begins to emerge. Last year, the theme was “revision”. Not only was I revising a novel (which I’m still doing) but also changing as a writer and a person. In 2013, I learned more of who I am and continued to develop the voice I had lost 10 years ago. I also helped a group of writers to find their voice and focus and I’m hoping to help more this year. I got a couple of things published in some national and international publications. As a result, opportunities came that moved me into a different stage.

So far, I’m finding the theme for 2014 is “grown woman” because grown women take care of business, even if it hurts. It sounds kind of ominous I know, but it isn’t. With the projects I’ve put in motion in 2013, 2014 will see them come to light. Here’s what I mean about taking care of business:

1.) My first novel, the first in the Jennie Manning Mysteries series, comes out this year. I’m currently writing a short story introducing her to the world. There’s a Christmas story that mystery fans have already read. Want a copy? Sign up here to get it.

2.) I’m working on a couple of pieces for some blogs and publications. Great stuff.

3.) One thing I love and plan to continue is teaching my creative writing class. The first class finished late last year and is the basis of a community of writers who not only support each other but keep each other accountable on their writing goals. I’ve given them a goal this year. Each of my students will be published. So, we’re continuing to work together on their writing. You need to be part of this class!

4.) I’m on a board! Of an arts group! I was asked late last year if I wanted to be on the board of the Noel Art’s Program here in Shreveport. When I heard about how they try to provide arts experiences to children and adults, I was sold. Super sold. I don’t usually like doing things like this but this was a great program I believed in.

See what I mean about resolutions? With them, I would have limited my year!  I’m so excited for 2014 and I couldn’t have come to this point without getting rid of resolutions last year. By taking the opportunities that came to me, other bigger opportunities came along. What started off as a year of novel revision ended with life revision.

So, what will your theme be this year? Let me know in the comments below!