cover proposalsI’m packing so many boxes that I am so glad to sit down and write this blog post.  Well, sorta.

While I’m packing and getting ready to move to Texas (and working to have this website essentially function with little supervision)  I also know that I am going to return to a lot of work. One on the to do list is finishing the latest Jennie Manning story and getting into the hands of my editor (more about creating a team a la Joanna Penn in a later post).

And I have to pick a book cover!

Okay, these aren’t book covers, they are the leading images for the story, which will be just under novella length upon completion.  (I already have someone lined up to do the book cover and she is going to rock your world. I can’t wait!) So, why have images when it’s only a story? It’s about the experience.

The Jennie Manning stories are only available now to people who sign up to get it for free. These amazing folks are the first ones to read and know this character and world before the first novel of the series is sold. To me, they are royalty. They signed up and took a chance on me when there was only an idea so I always want to put my best foot forward for them and that includes the best cover I could give them.

So, which one would you pick? If you want to get a chance to vote and get the story for free, follow this link.  To learn more about the series, check it out here.

Also, the folks on the list are about to get a bit of a surprise in their inbox on Friday. Trust me. You’ll want to sign up before then!