My friend Alicia doing her writing thing during the Afro-Latina retreat


Dear Readers,

My friend Alicia Anabel Santos is on a mission.

She was accepted into a writer’s retreat in Costa Rica! That’s amazing.

I know what some of you may be thinking. Costa Rica! Vacay! What does this have to do with me or with writing?

First off, it’s not a vacation. Writer’s retreats have nothing to do with being on vacay. They are usually in beautiful places because you’ve spent most of your time being spent — heavy lifting on your writing, some crying, some tearing pages apart, some real time with your piece. So, yeah, no vacay. It’s work, all work. And at the end of the day staring out into pretty things is the only thing you have strength enough to do.

Also, this has everything to do with writing. Alicia is a great friend of mine and is one of the writers from the Afro-Latina writer’s retreat in Galveston. She was also one of the readers during the recent live stream.

This is one of those experiences where she stepped out on faith and submitted to a writer’s retreat. And she got in! She needs our help to get there.

Please, click on the link and read her story about her reasons for going and donate what you can. Five bucks, ten bucks, whatever. Anything is helpful.