Dear Reader,

As I continue on my 2016 goals, I am finding more and more places to submit my work. It’s really overwhelming to know of all the places that look for work, especially for women and writers of color.

Since the last list of submissions was so popular, I decided to put another one together with some things I’ve seen recently. Some of these have probably been seen before but in this world where knowledge of opportunities is as important as participation, it becomes imperative that the gets out from as many sources as possible.

So, here’s what’s going on.

Outlook Springs

The journal is doing something similar to what The Fem Lit Mag did at the end of 2015. They are opening a direct line between women writers and the editors. It’s a submission free for all until Jan 20.

The Sun Magazine

This magazine pays for their writing which makes it one to consider, of course. From the description:

They accept submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and interviews. They pay $300 to $2,500 for nonfiction, from $300 to $1,500 for fiction, from $100 to $250 for poetry, and from $1,000 to $2,000 for interviews.

That’s a pretty big chunk of change there.

Akashic Books, Arte Publico, Bilingual Press, UMN Press

La Bloga had an interesting post last week, listing presses who are looking for work. Whether it’s manuscripts or individual pieces, I’m loving that these smaller presses continue their work with giving access to un/under-represented writers. Two press on the list, Akashic and Arte Publico, are some of my favorite small presses in the country (Salt Publishing is my favorite in the UK.).

Gloria Anzaldua Anthology

Here’s one where I wish I wrote poetry or at least was better at it to actually get some things published.

From the description:

MANIMAN: Poets Reflect on Transformative & Transgressive Borders Through Gloria Anzaldúa’s Work* is a forthcoming anthology of essays, poetry and hybrids of the two.

This looks like it could be interesting to tackle and to read once it comes out. Deadline is Feb. 1 so time is running out.

Sofrito for Your Soul

My friend George owns this site and he’s been super dedicated to the arts and to writing for as long as I’ve known him. He’s recently hired an Emerging Voices Editor to ratchet up the storytelling side of the site.

The Offing Mag

Just saw this on Twitter. The Offing is putting together its issue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Black History Month. Here’s their description for what they want.

We seek works of poetry and prose from the myriad voices of the diaspora — and in particular from Cave Canem members — for our Fiction, Essay, Dead Letter Office, Wit’s End, You Are Here, Micro, Enumerate, and Insight departments. (Please note that the Poetry department is not accepting submissions for the spotlight issue. However, please consider submitting works of poetry to Micro (if very short), You Are Here (if about place), or Dead Letter Office (if epistolary-ish). When submitting, please mention in which department your submission would work best.

Deadline is Jan. 25 so write fast.


Write On,