writingLet’s face it, writing is hard. Whether you’re aiming to be an indie, or go small press or traditional, there are things we writer have to know other than how to write a complete sentence.  I like to call it everything else.

So here’s some posts that will help you get started on the life side of the writing life.  See something missing?  Contact me at the form below and I’ll add it to the list!

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Social media/ marketing

Too Many Social Media Sites? Depends.

Book Marketing 101: How to do it naturally

 How to get ready for your book launch

How to create a buzz for your book with a live event

Writers and social media: a basic how to

When it comes to social media, is it all about the numbers?

Time management

Four lessons I learned during NaNoWrio

How to write a lot and still keep your sanity

Embracing the writing life

The Writing Life: Embrace the Choice.

Following the Writing Life no matter what

How to finish your writing project, like a boss

How to put together your writing bucket list

The road to publication:  How to chose to self publish.

How to write a book in one easy step

How to keep the faith when everything goes wrong

What does it mean to have a writing legacy

6 things to do for your writing this summer

4 writing books you need to get now

The best writing tip EVER

Every writer needs a community

Words on the page

Creating characters 101

Creating awesome characters

You’ve got questions, your characters have answers

How to keep suspension and tension alive in rising action

How to create a likable character

Writing, research and how to do both

3 writing tips from published mystery writers

3 short story lessons from Graham Greene

5 ways to beat a deadline

6 words you should stop using in your writing right now

Lessons from Academy Award Winner William Joyce

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