What an #AmtrakResidency looks like

Amtrak train from Marshall, Tx

This morning Twitter has been buzz about this thing called an Amtrak Residency. Obviously, my interest was piqued about this concept because how much do I love trains?  Open your arms wide. Really wide. Wider! That much. I love trains THAT MUCH. Especially for writing.

So, the article that started this wonderful hashtag (#AmtrakResidency) says that Amtrak is considering it and even their Twitter account confirmed it.

This is amazing. Everyone should write on a train. It really is one of the best places to write, I’ve found. How do I know that? Well, I’ve done my own #AmtrakResidency–twice.

Train station in Chicago

The first time was on my way to the AWP conference in Chicago. A 19 hour train ride on the way to a writers conference…what else would I do? It was literally the best thing I could have done. That’s how Lagniappe, my novel-in-progress grew legs. I met people there that reminded me of my characters and the plot started to unravel before me.

About a year later, my most recent research trip to Saint Louis, MO happened. I wrote something that I loved and helped Lagniappe find a soul! Other people did too because that little novel-in-progress was chosen by The Writer’s Hotel for their program this summer.

I love this idea. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I will definitely apply for an #AmtrakResidency when it comes up. Lagniappe needs some more work and I need to return to Saint Louis for more research. If you’re even curious about this, you should check it out.

Want to see how I approached my residency? Here are the blog posts from that time. Oh, and if Amtrak is reading this, I’ve got ideas. Contact me. We’ll talk.

To Chicago

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To Saint Louis

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